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5 Suggestions How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Investment Banking Industry Conference

Elevate your conference game with these essential tips! 🌟

Connect with industry leaders, unlock after-hours insights, and be the first to offer valuable feedback. Your next conference could be your career's turning point!

Please share in the comments section below which of these tips you find most useful!

Have you always been a little confused on how to prepare for an upcoming industry conference? You may love them or hate them, but they are a necessity for professionals in Investment Banking.

As Sun Tzu said in his Art of War (written 1500 years ago) “Every battle is won before it's ever fought.”


Here are 5 quick tips…


#1 prioritize which speakers you would like to meet with


Examine the list of speakers, and decide ahead of time with whom you would like to meet. What, you’ve never thought about meeting with speakers? Meeting with the regulators, rating agencies, lawyers, trustees, etc. may not seem sexy, but they will broaden your industry knowledge. They come from completely different perspectives. Since speakers are often the first people named in the conferences initial outreach efforts, you need to get to them quickly.


#2 plan to hang in the bar late at night


We all know that alcohol loosens tongues. You might be surprised to see who comes to the bar after midnight. These are generally lost souls who are looking for camaraderie. Try to connect with them on an emotional level to learn all sorts of information you may never have had the chance to learn.


#3. Get your on  client radar screen at least 3 or 4 months before the conference


The odds are your client is going be very methodical in their planning for the conference. Being the 1st to get on the radar screen with your choice of days to meet and venues will help you beat the competition. Even if they have not started planning when you contact them, you also get credit for being the 1st to inquire.


#4 introduce your client to a non-competitor who can help them in their business


The problem with attending a conference is that we are thinking about ourselves and our League Tables. Clients are concerned about growing their own business or minimizing their risk. Can you find someone attending the conference that might be a great partner for your client, a partner who is not in competition with you?


#5 find which investors are meeting with your clients and book a call for the end of the conference


Your clients are probably meeting with different investors. Your are clients are probably interested in how those meetings went. By planning a call with the investors towards the end of the conference, you will be the first to provide them feedback.


In conclusion, I hope these 5 tips will help you think about conferences differently and how you can maximize every hour you spend there.


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Mike Mittleman is a career coach whose business focuses on finance professionals based in the NY/CT/NJ tri-state area, helping navigate their career paths with confidence and success. For more tips and personalized coaching, visit



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