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Career Services for Sell-Side Directors Who Want to Earn 25% or More!
"I’m so confused about what career path to take that I don’t know where to start my search."

2 x 60-Minute Career Discovery Calls
In career discovery, we spend time actually talking with each other to understand your work history and goals

Preliminary Career Discovery Grid
Based on your unique background and goals, we create a career discovery grid to outline all the possible roles and industries that can satisfy your job search goals

“Dating” Calls Preparation, Execution, and Follow-Up
Mike sets up calls (“Dating” ) with his personal network so you can speak with professionals doing the actual jobs we have identified for you

Mike will fully prepare you for these calls and help you get answers to any questions including:

  • Will I like the industry/job and how hard will my transition be

  • What title can I expect with all my years of experience

  • What will be the timeframe to transition

  • Do I have any skill gaps and how can I close them

We then have 2 x 30-minute “Dating” Calls follow-up

Compensation Discovery
You can determine what your base and bonus will be if you make the transition since this might be a key factor in your decision

Final Career Discovery Grid
We will narrow down your choices of roles/industries that satisfy your goals. You can now breathe a sigh of relief that the rest of your job search will go smoother and faster

Career Discovery

Unsure about your next career move in or outside of finance? My Career Discovery process offers personalized guidance to give you the clarity and relief you need.


Elevate your professional brand with top-notch marketing materials. From standout resumes to compelling LinkedIn profiles, I've got you covered.


Struggling with networking? My program guides you through effective strategies to optimize your connections and achieve your career goals.


Ace your interviews & negotiate the salary you deserve with my targeted coaching. From mock interviews to compensation strategies, I provide the tools you need for success.


Considering a more comprehensive solution? Many of my clients take advantage of the tremendous value of bundling all of my services to find your next success story!


You're probably not ready to get started yet, but if you are - scroll down & Book A Call with me to explore your options. Discover how I can help you make the most of your move!



Career Services for Sell-Side Directors Who Want to Earn 25% or More!
Your executive resume and LinkedIn profile don’t make the cut anymore and do not represent what is special about you

Executive Resume Services

  • 1-hour executive resume call

  • 1 customized executive resume that will demonstrate your value add

  • Keyword-optimized and ATS compliant

  • Confidence to carry you forward to interviews

LinkedIn Profile

  • LinkedIn profile recommendations (I write them for you) for all sections, search engine optimized

  • 30-minute LinkedIn profile call post-implementation

  • Learn the tricks to get the RIGHT recruiters to find you, even while you’re sleeping

  • Learn to satisfy the LinkedIn algorithm to get noticed by more recruiters

Marketing Materials

Career Services for Sell-Side Directors Who Want to Earn 25% or More!
You know applying online is a back hole, and your networking skills are just not good enough

Three-Pronged Approach

  • How to apply online the “right” way to cut through the clutter

  • How to optimize communication with recruiters

  • The art of networking that produces results

1 x 60-Minute Career Discovery Call
We spend time actually talking with each other to understand where you have come from and where you want to go

Target Company Evaluation
Work with Mike to create a list of 20-25 companies that are a great fit for you and your goals

Network Evaluation
You know more people than you think; let’s determine who can really help you

Target Company Calls
Mike will guide you through how to network with your target companies and how to conduct these calls

  • How to reduce your anxiety while networking like a champ

  • How to have conversations with your closest connections that actually produce results

  • How to leverage your LinkedIn 1st connections regardless of how close you are to them

  • How to leverage anyone who has ever gone to your university regardless of when they graduated

  • How to leverage anyone who has ever worked for a company you have worked for regardless of when they left

Nail Your Elevator Pitch
Learn to clearly and concisely express your goals to help others help you

Networking Strategy Plus

Career Services for Sell-Side Directors Who Want to Earn 25% or More!
What am I worth in the marketplace and how do I nail interviews to get there?

1 x 60-Minute Career Discovery Call
We spend time actually talking with each other to understand where you have come from and where you want to go in your job search

Personal Value Statement
Clearly express why you are better than the competition in less than a minute

3 Hours of Mock Interviews
Interview preparation and training include:

  • Reduce your interview techniques

  • Build a relationship with your interviewer

  • Leverage interview frameworks

  • Nail the most difficult questions  – including the dreaded “tell me more about yourself”

Effective Interview Follow-Up
Discussion about strategies for following up after interviews with a done-for-you thank-you note template

1-Hour Interview Debrief
We debrief after a formal interviews and discuss lessons learned

Compensation Discovery
Mike has no-name targeted conversations with professionals in your target roles to uncover your market compensation; now you are in control

Compensation Negotiation
Learn techniques for negotiating base, bonus, and other aspects of compensation that your future employer already understands

Interviews & Compensation

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