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Leveraging Boomerang for Gmail

In my humble opinion the speed with which you will get a job is directly a function of your ability to follow up. In the age of digital communication, ensuring timely follow-ups, especially after job interviews and networking calls, can be the difference between landing your dream job and missing out on an opportunity. With a plethora of tools available, Boomerang for Gmail stands out as an invaluable asset for professionals.

Here's how you can use it to your advantage:

1. The Power of Response Tracking

Boomerang's response tracking feature is a boon for those who want to keep tabs on crucial email threads. It not only helps you remember to follow up but also allows you to schedule follow-up emails that are sent only if you don't receive a reply.

While this idea may make you feel like a telemarketer, that's ok. However, let your feelings know that effective follow up is just good communication, and you may end up with your dream job!

2. Scheduling Follow-Up Reminders While Composing

When drafting a new email or reply:

  • Click on the Boomerang icon or "Remind me."

  • Choose when you'd like to be reminded (e.g., "Tomorrow morning" or "Tuesday 9 am").

  • My suggestion is if you have not heard back from the recipient within 3-5 days, you have the right to follow up.

  • If the recipient doesn't reply by the scheduled time, Boomerang will bring the email back to your inbox, prompting you to follow up; follow up with slightly different wording this time.

3. Setting Reminders for Sent Emails

For emails already sent:

  • Go to your Sent folder and select the email(s) for which you want a follow-up reminder.

  • Click on the Boomerang button and choose "if no reply."

  • Set your preferred reminder time.

  • If there's no response by the reminder time, the email will reappear in your inbox.

4. Automating Follow-Up Emails

If you want to send a follow-up email automatically:

  • Compose your email and click "Send Later."

  • Check "if no reply" to ensure the follow-up is sent only if there's no response to the original email.

  • Choose when the follow-up email should be delivered.

If the recipient replies, you'll receive a notification, and the scheduled follow-up will be canceled. If not, the follow-up email will be sent automatically at the chosen time.

Think about it, set up an email now so you don’t have to think about it.

5. Embracing New Technologies

Leveraging Boomerang for Gmail is just one example of how technology can streamline our professional lives. As the digital landscape evolves, staying updated with the latest tools and technologies can give you a competitive edge. Post-interview follow-ups are crucial in showcasing your professionalism and keen interest in the role. With tools like Boomerang for Gmail, you can ensure timely communication without the stress of manual tracking. As you navigate your career journey, leverage technology to stay ahead of the curve.


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Mike Mittleman is a career coach whose business focuses on finance professionals based in the NY/CT/NJ tri-state area, helping navigate their career paths with confidence and success. For more tips and personalized coaching, visit



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