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"I’m so confused about what career path to take that I don’t know where to start my search."

2 x 60-Minute Career Discovery Calls
In career discovery, we spend time actually talking with each other to understand your work history and goals

Preliminary Career Discovery Grid
Based on your unique background and goals, we create a career discovery grid to outline all the possible roles and industries that can satisfy your job search goals

“Dating” Calls Preparation, Execution, and Follow-Up
Mike sets up calls (“Dating” ) with his personal network so you can speak with professionals doing the actual jobs we have identified for you

Mike will fully prepare you for these calls and help you get answers to any questions including:

  • Will I like the industry/job and how hard will my transition be

  • What title can I expect with all my years of experience

  • What will be the timeframe to transition

  • Do I have any skill gaps and how can I close them

We then have 2 x 30-minute “Dating” Calls follow-up

Compensation Discovery
You can determine what your base and bonus will be if you make the transition since this might be a key factor in your decision

Final Career Discovery Grid
We will narrow down your choices of roles/industries that satisfy your goals. You can now breathe a sigh of relief that the rest of your job search will go smoother and faster

Career Discovery

Unsure about your next career move in or outside of finance? My Career Discovery process offers personalized guidance to give you the clarity and relief you need.


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