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Transition from BigTech to FinTech

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"I've developed a great bond with each of my clients over the years.


Don't just take my word for it - read these great stories of career success!"

                                                -Mike Mittleman

Bill B.

“Mike has been invaluable in my transition from Goldman Sachs to FinTech. I’m now the Head of Risk Management at DriveWealth, a pioneering C-round FinTech specializing in fractional equity investing.

Mike’s strategic customized plan is well thought out and highly effective. My resume never looked so clean. My LinkedIn profile is fantastic. If you’re making a move, speak with Mike.”

Judi C.

“I had multiple offers within 2 weeks of working with Mike on interview preparation! What Mike did so well was to keep me focused on using examples that were appropriate to the question. He only cared about my experiences as related to the jobs I wanted.


I felt really comfortable I was prepared with answers to the usual and unusual questions. He found out what makes me special and taught me how to weave this ‘specialness’ into my answers.”

Perry Reynolds

“I love my position with Bank of America and moved from Associate to VP. Trust me, you want a guy who spent 15 years on the Street to represent you.I hired Mike because he knows the Wall Street world inside and out.

My original resume was very technical and did not represent my skills. After he was through with his magic, all my skills were so clear on paper that I felt great. My revised LinkedIn profile attracted so many more hits.”

Amir Tal

“Mike provided me with spot-on advice in evaluating different Global IT career options. He determined my worth in the marketplace, helped me negotiate a better offer, and guided me on a clear path. Wow!”

Gabrielle Joiner

“Mike took the time to understand my career goals. He enhanced my resume as a strong contributor. He improved my LinkedIn profile to display keywords that recruiters search most. He showed me best in class interview techniques and how to answer those difficult questions.”

Charles Shiller

“I got the job as a senior risk manager at Mizuho in NYC and am thrilled. Thank you for your coaching before the interview – I was getting frustrated after being close on a number of other opportunities and with the onset of COVID 19.

Your advice and coaching was just the bump, change of perspective, slightly new technique, and encouragement I needed at a difficult time.”