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Navigate office dynamics like a pro with Mike's expert guidance on politics. Learn unspoken rules & strategies to gain influence & secure your next promotion.


Self-promote internally with a custom standout executive resume. Crafted by Mike, it's your key to elevating your brand and climbing the corporate ladder.


Ace your next promotion interview with Mike's expert coaching. Learn how to showcase your skills and make a lasting impression on decision-makers


Learn how to effectively & concisely answer questions by highlighting your most significant achievements, showing that you are fully prepared & ready for challenges.


Facing unexpected career challenges? With Mike's versatile coaching, you'll be equipped to handle any curveballs and turn them into opportunities for growth.


You're probably not ready to get started yet, but if you are - scroll down & Book A Call with me to explore your options. Let's get you promoted today!



You know politics could be the most important determinant of your success

Play the Game Like a Pro

  • Gain the support of your boss, department heads, and senior management

  • Navigate the feedback loop and make it work for you

  • Seek mentors and other informal relationships

  • Learn from the mistakes of others

Navigating Corporate Politics

Your executive resume is outdated or poorly reflects your brand and value-add

Executive Resume Services

  • 1-hour executive resume call

  • Your choice from multiple template formats

  • 3 drafts where I will tease out your real value-add

  • Final resume – the “wow” you need for senior management

  • Confidence to carry you forward to interviews

Executive Resume

How to navigate the myriad of internal and external interviews so you speak with conviction

1 x 60-Minute Career Discovery Call
We spend time actually talking with each other to understand where you have come from and where you want to go in your job search

Personal Value Statement
Clearly express why you are better than the competition in less than a minute

Mock Interviews
Interview preparation and training include:

  • Reduce your interview anxiety

  • Build a relationship with your interviewer

  • Leverage interview frameworks

  • Nail the most difficult questions  – including the dreaded “Why you and why now?”


Effective Interview Follow-Up
Discussion about short and long-term follow-up strategies

1-Hour Interview Debrief
Call with Mike to debrief during and after your interviews

Interview Preparation

Learn the technique that will allow you to stand out while still showing you are a team player

Let Them Ask Anything

  • Your greatest accomplishments

  • How you have demonstrated the culture of your firm

  • Describe your contributions outside your main job

  • How you have worked cross-functionally

  • Demonstrate your leadership style

Short Essays

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